Blue Mountain Flats

Flat Coated Retrievers

Getting to know us

Blue Mountain Flats are located in the beautiful Schuylkill County amidst the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania.  We are owned by our seven Flat Coated Retrievers who you will have a chance to meet through our Flat Coat Photo Albums. My husband owned his first Flat Coated Retriever in the 1970's, who was a Liver girl named angel. He introduced me to the breed in 1992 when we adopted our 1st rescue who was about 4 1/2 years old and named Logan.  There has been no going back after being owned by a Flat Coat.  They are sometimes referred to as the "Peter Pans" of the dog world. Our Flat Coats are part of the family, first and foremost. Their favorite past time is running around the 14 acres where we live and swimming at every opportunity they have whether a pond, a lake or just  mud puddle.

We are owners/handlers in the ring with our dogs.  We enjoy the conformation ring, the agility ring and have done tried our hand with Rally.  Our first two Flat Coats, Sambuca and Anisette, enjoyed hunting with my husband, although they did not obtain any field titles.  Annie's great granddaughter, Sophie will be in training for some Field work in the very near future.

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